• Dear Valued Customers and Friends
Dear Valued Customers and Friends   
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, the world around us is rapidly changing.
I would like to say our hearts go out to all the people struggling at this time.
We thank the countless numbers of people doing their share to get through this trying time.  
From people staying at home to stop this spread, to the people who put themselves in harms way to make it safe for the rest of us.
We can all do our part to stop this in its tracks.
We want to let you know that as our industry continues to feed the world, Rheon will be here to support your efforts.
Given the unique times we all have to adapt to, our team stands ready to assist you with needed parts and technical support through phone calls, texts, emails, or Skype.
We realize how important it is for you to continue your support of the brave people fighting this pandemic and we will do everything within our power to help you.
I wish the world will get back to peaceful days sooner. Please remember that we are all in this together.
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