• A Japanese Confection and Pastry Seminar was held at Rheon USA!
This seminar was extremely popular.This seminar was extremely popular.Rheon USA holds a variety of Seminars and Workshops on a regular basis covering diverse themes.

Introduction of Japanese productsIntroduction of Japanese productsMany products that are unique to Japan were introduced at the Japanese Confection and Pastry Seminar. We enjoyed the company of many customers and the Seminar was wildly successful.

Along with Sample Presentations, we had actual demonstrations showing our latest technology. We demonstrated Mochi with Whipped Cream & Strawberries, Baked Milk Manju and Japanese Short Bread on the KN550 Cornucopia, Macaron on the Gateau Depositor, and Sweet Japanese Danish on the Compact HM.

Japanese bread and sweets are all the rage in the United States. Concluding from the number of people who have attended, we believe that Japanese products will keep increasing in popularity.

Rheon Head Quarters is extremely interested in the overseas market and will continue to develop equipment that matches the needs of the customers. Please feel free to contact us anytime at

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