• Rheon’s Technical Services
We offer a wide range of Technical Services
Rheon’s Technical Team is always ready to serve you upon purchasing our equipment from us. From technical guidance, installation and instruction, total support for your production, information on new products and consult you with your formula, we will support you from beginning to end. Please take advantage of our technical services to help produce ‘products that sell’ by maximizing your imagination. We have fully equipped laboratories to produce confectioneries, bread
and savory foods. These labs are used to test the quality of current and new products as well as training our customers to make full usage of Rheon’s equipment.
1) Technical Support for New Equipment
We will install the equipment and instruct you on how to operate it while researching different recipes for your products. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to automate your hand-made products, or you have a product in mind that you want to produce, or want suggestions on new products. We are here to serve you! We have great after-care service as well. We will help adjust your machines for new production at your plant. Our highly experienced technicians will help the set up along side with you.
  2) Product Consultation
Please ask for our advice on different products that can be produced from your Rheon equipment. Do you want to change the shape of your product? The texture of your product? Different ingredients? Higher production volume? We are here to discuss all alternatives with you. We will carefully select the appropriate technician to send to your site, according to your needs.
  3) Operation Consultation
We will guide your operation in order for you to make the most out of your Rheon machine. Please contact us for educating your Operator on how to use Rheon equipment properly, or if the quality of your product seems different, or even if you want to readjust the settings to your machine. In any case, we will deliver the optimum results!
  4) Software Training Session at Rheon's Lab
The training session is mainly to educate the operator, to better understand the machine to achieve ultimate efficiency. Not only will we give you the basic training for operating the equipment, but we will also assist in production problems, maintaining hygienic operations and coach you on daily check points for your equipment to maximize its longevity.
  5) Training on New Product Strategies
This training is based on our countless formulas, accumulated over the years, to help improve your current and new products. We will suggest the best-suited formulas from our extensive experience for our new customers and we will offer suggestions on more complicated formulas for customers who are already accustomed to Rheon equipment. Choosing a new option? Have production difficulties with your new products? Problems programming the setting for your new products? Whatever your problem, we are here to help you every step of the way.
  Please feel free to contact us!
We offer customized Seminars. Seminars with a large group of people, long-term Seminars, originally themed Seminars, we do them all, just contact us to make it happen. Our highly skilled technicians await you!
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