• Rheon's Pizza Spinner wins an Award at the "Invention Trade Show"!
On November 28, 2012, Rheon has received an award for the technology of stretching pizza dough consistently. This award is only given to inventions with proven superior technology. The ceremony was held at the Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture, and Rheon's Managing Director and inventor, Mr. Morikawa humbly accepted the recognition.
Name of Invention
The technology of stretching dough for food products and the equipment, Pizza Spinner. Patent number 4538387
Process of invention
This process of this invention stretches the pizza dough to form a thin, consistent round shape. Hand-made pizzas are tossed into the air, eventually thinning the dough into a spherical shape by centrifugal force. However, this procedure is quite difficult and takes quite a while to master. By placing the dough ball on the center of the Pizza Spinner, the conical roller turns and spins the dough. This method makes the dough ball thin and disk-shaped. Though it may seem the dough is being crushed, the roller keeps spinning the dough and if the speed is adjusted correctly, a stress free disk-shaped crust is produced, just like using the centrifugal force. Delicious pizzas are produced consistently and quickly! The compact size unit is perfect for any retail store and anybody can create the perfect pizza. Other patents associated with this: No4448505、No4538406、No4588565
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