Equipment introduction

Dual Gateaux Depositor

■This equipment automates the process of hand-made products.

Choux, Éclairs, Macaroons, Dacquoise…this compact Depositor can produce a variety of high-quality products.
The end product has the same excellence in quality as formulated by hand.


You can choose from two types of filling features that will not damage the dough. 
(Pictured above is the Gear Pump Type)
Gear Pump Type: Best suited for manufacturing products such as Éclairs, Choux and Busse for a high production rate.
Piston Type: Best suited for manufacturing products such as Macaroons and Dacquoise, to maintain the meringue-like delicate texture.
A convenient Color Touch Panel is used for easy operation.

Photo gallery

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  • Piston Type
  • Choux Cream (Gear Pump Type)
  • Chocolate Éclair (Gear Pump Type)
  • Macaroon (Piston Type)
  • Dacquoise (Piston Type)

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