Equipment introduction

Variety bread line VM300 Line

■ Highly hydrated breads can be produced!

VM300 Line can produce a variety of bread by using various molding functions, such as dough weighing and dividing, degassing, compacting, and roll and square molding, depending on the products.



Highly hydrated breads can be produced!
“Stress-free System” does not damage the dough and “Gravimetric Method” weighs and divides dough accurately. These systems make high-quality and consistent bread production.
●High quality bread can be produced with no damage to the dough
V4 System extrudes the dough sheet continuously without using screws or pistons. By giving no excess pressure to the dough, the dough suffers no damage. (Dough extrusion on V4-Twin Divider 300)
●Solid material such as raisins or nuts will remain intact
Production change-over is very easy because the machine stays clean due to the uncrushed solid materials.
●Requires no chemical additives
VM System can produce high quality breads without using any chemical additives such as gluten strengthener.
●Bread making with unlimited formulation and unlimited process
① No need to change your formula. You can use your formula as it is.
② Unlimited process : straight, sponge, liquid sponge, over night, etc.
③ Dough that couldn't be handled on the conventional machine such as natural yeast dough, rice flour dough, high water absorption dough and highly fermented dough, can be run without sticking.
●High portioning accuracy
Since the VM System has a weighing cut system, Gravimetric Method, the dough weight at the beginning and the end of the batch remains accurate even the dough conditions change through the processing period.
●1 row and 2 row productions can be switched easily
Dough dividing cutters are for both 1 and 2 row productions, so there is no need to change cutters. Production modes can be switched on the operation panel.
●Wide range of weight setting is possible from the dough sheet
VM System has a wide weight range because the dough is portioned from the continuous dough sheet.
●Simple machine cleaning and maintenance
Safety covers can be opened from either side of the machine, making cleaning and maintenance of the inside easy. Conveyor belts can be placed and removed, so cleaning time can be also reduced.

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