Equipment introduction

CORNUCOPIA AN551 (Asia Model)

■High spec, high quality Encrusting Machine with cutting-edge features.

● Strong and hygienic stainless steel cylinders !
● Further improved sanitary properties by keeping the dough
from touching the drive section, and other improvements !
● User-friendly large color touch screen !
● Washable with running water !



AN551 is a high-performance Encrusting Machine with superb efficiency and user-friendly operation.
AN551 helps expand your business by producing products hygienically and efficiently.


Please use AN551 for making various products.
Additional options extends the range of products.
(The products below are just few examples among many.)
※The picture are without safety cover for viewing

ConfectioneryFilled Chocolate Chip Cookie

AN551can produce Chocolate Chip Cookie up to 6,000 pcs. /h with the weight remaining constant. Chocolate filled chocolate chip cookie can be made.
Compact Panner
“Panner”arranges products onto trays automatically.

Prepared FoodsFilled Cheese Meat Patty

As expected, AN551 is ideal for meat products. The main body is easily washable and stainless steel parts are available for sanitary purposes.
Forming Conveyor
Side Press & Flattening Roller

Fermented Dough ProductionChinese Steamed Meat Bun
AN551 can form Chinese Steamed Buns in two ways.

①Twist Top Encruster
By Twist Top Encruster (Folding Encruster) : Attach to AN551 (Number of folds selectable : 9, 12)  
②Chinese Steam Buns Shaping Device
By Chinese Steam Bun Shaping Device : Connect after AN551 (Number of folds selectable : 9, 12, 18, 24 Twist top available)  
  Xiao Long Bao Production

※The pictures are without safety cover for viewing

New “Easy to see and Easy to use” color touch panel.
Data for up to 100 products can be stored in the Cornucopia AN551 and easily reproduces the memorized data with a push of a button.

CORNUCOPIA AN551 comes with various forming capabilities.

Flexible Product Weight, Filling / Dough Ratio and Length.Product weight, filling, dough ratio and even the length of bar-shaped products can be altered easily. With high portion accuracy, you can achieve consistent production.
Weight Range ( 10 - 300 g )
Encrusting Ratio Range ( 1 : 0 - 0 : 1 )
Length Range

Adapts safe and hygienic design in all parts for reassured operation.Hygienic and durable stainless steel hopper.
Sanitary drive shafts without touching the food materials.
Washable with running water.
Cleaning is super easy since the AN551 has fewer parts and is effortless to dismantle.

Two Step Belt Model (Option)
Achieve high-speed and stable production even with small products using the optional Two Step Belt Model.


Width 1757 mm
Depth 980 mm
Height 1383 mm
Weight 580 kg
Electrical Capacity 3.2 kW
Hopper Capacity 15 ℓ ×2


(Unit : mm)


Product Weight Range 10 - 300 g
Output 10 - 100 pcs. /min. (100 pcs. : Limited to small products)
Belt Speed 1.3 - 22 m /min.
Product Length Range 0 - 500 mm (Intermittent Encrusting)
Extruding Capacity (total) 400 kg / h
● Production speed and weight range varies depending on the material. Please make sure by running your own materials.

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