Equipment introduction

EZ Divider CX011

■Divides dough quickly and accurately like a professional.

The best choice for bakeries producing a wide variety of products with a low volume production.


Suitable for any type of dough!
Ideal for all types of dough: additive-free, natural yueast, long fermentation, high water absorption, rice flour, and more. Accepts all types of dough-making methods!
Good for straight dough, sponge dough, overnight dough, brew doough, and all other methods.

*Set the product weight and number of products and the machine will do the rest. Divides even as light as 20g of dough.
*The stress free system causes no damage to the dough and makes high quality products.
*Processes all types of dough: long fermentation, natural yeast, lean, high water absorption, and more. *Solid ingredients such as raisins and nuts keep their shapes intact. Experience the smooth product changeover since the interior of the machine remains clean.
*Divides the dough without any residues.
*Just plug in the power, you're ready to go. Quiet operation due to the servo driven guillotine cutter.

Two distinctive production modes offer high efficient portioning.
Weighing cut mode
Weight accuracy in dividing the dough. Forms a batch of dough placed on the conveyor into a continuous strip of dough, weighs and divides the dough with high accuracy using the "Gravimetric method".

Baguette mode
Divides the dough on the conveyor evenly. Cuts the divided dough into equal sized pieces if needed. Useful for making products such as baguettes and rustiques that require consistent size.

Easy operation
Retrieve the product data from the memory and simply start production. Up to 100 production data can be memorized.

Easy cleaning and storage
Parts can be removed easily and safely. Conveyor folds compactly for a space-saving storage after production.

Capacity / Specifications

Length 2081mm
Width 1240mm
Height 1384mm
Weight 300mm
Electrical Capacity 0.59kW
Production Capacity *40 shots / min.
Product Weight Range 20 - 350 g
Maximum dough weight on conveyor 7-8 kg
*Actual weightrange and maximum production capacity can vary depending on dough condition and supplied amount.
*Please test your products to find your actual numbers.

Dimensions *Also reverse flow model available.

The specifications are subject to change without notice and obligation.

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