Equipment introduction

Flex V4 Dough Feeder VX731

■Continuously extrudes dough with consistent thickness and width.

This dough feeder can be applied for a variety of bread production lines.
Dough width is freely adjustable from 150mm (5.91”) to 250mm (9.84”).
Easy to clean the entire interior of the machine.


Dough width is freely adjustable
The operational panel allows for easy dough width adjustment, even during operation.

Dough width is freely adjustable from 150mm (5.91”) to 250mm (9.84”).
Dough thickness can be altered by replacing the V roller inner plates.(Standard: 20mm or 30mm)

*Capacity depends on dough thickness, width, conditions and dough traits.*Capacity depends on dough thickness, width, conditions and dough traits.Production Capacity also selectable

Multiple forms of dough can be processed
By using the stress free system, multiple forms of dough can be processed from straight, sponge-type to even delicate, high water absorption dough.

Handle dough with solid ingredients
Stress Free System handles dough without adding any stress and keeps solid ingredients (such as raisins and nuts) intact.


Flow of dough

Supplies dough into hopper.
Divides dough consistently to the extrusion section.
The stress free extrusion system produces dough sheet with consistent width and thickness.
Dough centering device aligns the center of the dough sheet on the middle of the following belt. (*Selectable)
Continuously supplies dough sheet to the next line.


Example of Application

(V4 Artisan Bread Line) Various shaping of breads, such as baguette, bread roll, flat bread, can be effectively produced in minimum production space.  


Optional Dough Supplier

Dough Feeding Conveyor
Divides the dough supplied onto the belt into a proper amount using the cutter (option), and then automatically feeds them into the Flex V4 Dough Feeder hopper.


Dough Divider for V4 hopper
Automatically divides the dough into a proper amount and supplies it to the "Flex V4 Dough Feeder".



Model Code VX731 (A type) VX731 (B type)
Production Capacity 300-1000kg/H 1000-2000kg/H
Exit Belt Speed 0.6-3.8m/min 1.2-7.5m/min
Dough Outlet Width 150mm - 250mm
Dough Outlet Height Dough Outlet Height (standard): 20mm or 30mm * 25 mm is optional
Length 2,756mm
Width 1,305mm
Height 1,672mm (Dough Feeding Conveyor connection model)
1,700mm (Area sensor attached model)
Hopper Capacity 70 ℓ or 100 ℓ
Weight 800kg
Electrical Capacity 1.95kW
Air 0.5Mpa, 20 ℓ/min
Others Dough Centering Device of underneath conveyor: selectable
*The production specs may vary depending on the dough condition and characteristics.

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