Equipment introduction

Paper Sheeter PU001 / PU011 (Asia Model)

■Places sheets of silicone paper directly under the products.

The Paper Sheeter is connected with the Cornucopia machine and places sheets of silicone paper directly under the products.
This option automatically cuts individual pieces of silicone paper on the main body.


The length of the silicone paper can be adjusted from 80 to 120 mm depending on the size of the product.
(Max 50 sheets/min)
The Conveyor holds the silicone paper in place for accurate positioning using suction holes.

This device comes with a user-friendly touch screen that can memorize up to 20 different productions.


Machine Code PU001 / PU011(Right Side Operation)
Length 1160 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 938 mm
Weight 170 kg
Belt Speed 12.2 m/min.
Electrical Capacity 0.55 kW 50 Hz
Air Consumption 0.4 MPa (15 ℓ/min.)
* Specifications may vary depending on production speed of CORNUCOPIA.

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