Equipment introduction

Set Panner KP302

■Automatically and efficiently arranges products produced by CORNUCOPIA.

Automatically arranges products made by CORNUCOPIA on baking trays.
Offers not only higher productivity but also deformation-free and hygienic operation without any manual contact with products.


Further space-saving compact design by combining "Panner", automatic arranger, and "Tray Feeder".
Panning modes are selectable from Intermittent or Continuous shuttling to suit your production.
* Safety covers are removed for the photograph.
Example of Available Tray Sizes:
Two different-sized trays can be set in the range of
490 mm - 660 mm (panning direction) x 380 mm - 500 mm (tray flow direction)
Three quarter-size sheet pan, wire mesh, and Revent sheet pan

Comes in two models: tray moves to right or left of CORNUCOPIA.
Panning conveyor nose height is adjustable in four levels.

Flour-less panning leaves no residue on products.



Machine Code KP302
Shuttling Stroke 660 mm
Tray Size Panning Direction 490 mm-660 mm
Tray Flow Direction 380 mm-500 mm
Panning Capacity in
Intermittent Shuttling
60 pcs/min(Max)
Max. Number of Shuttling 10 shuttles/min (continuous shuttling)
Length 1650 mm
Width 1645 mm
Height 1622 mm
Belt Width Selectable: CA Type (50 mm) or CB Type (75 mm)
Panner Belt Speed 15.4 m/min.(60 Hz)Max
Electrical Capacity 0.47 kW
Maximum Air Consumption 0.4 MPa (10 ℓ/min.)
* Specifications may vary depending on production speed of CORNUCOPIA or panning patterns.

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