Equipment introduction

Dough Ball Cup Rounder

■Stress Free® System Divider-Rounder Line

Portions the dough by weight without causing damage and rounds it automatically.


Forming Process

Product size is adjustable by changing the rounder cup.

Rounder, Multiply Conveyor, VX501 Twin Divider


Product Weight Range 50 - 120g
Weight range of product will vary depending on the size of the molding cup.
Production Capacity 4800pcs./h(Max)
20rpm. x 4rows x 60min.
Production speed changes by the numbers of cups used.

Product Example

DoughnutDoughnutRye BreadRye BreadMini PanettoneMini PanettoneBlueberry BreadBlueberry BreadVegetable BreadVegetable BreadBouleBouleWhole Wheat BreadWhole Wheat Bread

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