Equipment introduction

Multi Stretcher SM701,702,703,704

■STRESS FREE®! Stretch the dough without damage.

Multi-Stretcher is a versatile all purpose dough stretcher with a new added feature -"Degassing or Punching effect" in addition to existing gentle dough stretching.
With optimal stretching control of any dough condition and added to any Stress Free® System, the New Multi-Stretcher can be used for the production of high quality breads, donuts or pastries.


The stretcher that performs multiple functions on single machine.

Stretching bread Dough
Stretches and degasses without damaging dough.

Stretching Pastry Dough
Stretching uniformly without destroying fat layers.

Reduced Dusting FlourSM701SM701
Since the Multi-Stretcher requires very little dusting flour compared to former stretchers, the flour sweeper is no longer needed.
By reducing the dusting flour the quality of the dough sheet is improved and is more economical to operate.
In addition the production environment is cleaner with lower flour usage.

Very Quiet Operation
Improves working environment with greatly reduced operation noise.
Easy to Operate
The easy to read and operate color touch panel, enables production workers to simply recall products by number from memorized data on the panel.
This allows consistent production of products under the same conditions.

Much easier cleaning and maintenance.
All removable parts can be disassembled and assembled without tools.
By selecting the cleaning mode, the entire stretching roller selection rises up automatically.
This allows easy cleaning for flour, dough chips and foreign materials for a sanitary and safe production environment.

Replaceable with any of Rheon stretcher on your line.
Multi-Stretcher can be replaced with your current stretcher on HM Line, EZ Table® or any other lines.
Improves economical efficiency of the line.(quality, environment, operation, etc.)
Improved easiness of cleaning and maintenance capabilities.

  • There are many more improvements. Please contact Rheon for details.


Machine Code Effective dough sheet width Belt Speed
SM701 400mm 5.3m/min. 10.4m/min. 18.7m/min.
SM702 600mm 5.3m/min. 10.4m/min. 18.7m/min.
SM703 800mm 10.0m/min.
SM704 1000mm 10.0m/min.

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