Equipment introduction

Punch Rounder

■Perfectly round dough pieces!

New Punch Rounder produces hand-made quality bread like a Meister.


Molds various types of dough to a perfectly round shape such as straight dough.

The dough is molded flawlessly into a round shape with the dough seam on the bottom.

Dividing and rounding process is automated by connecting to the "V4-Twin Divider", which accurately cuts the product to the desired weight.
Connect to your existing line without altering the current production process.

A wide variety of round products can be produced by the "Punch Rounder".

Molding strength and the amount of degassing is fully adjustable.


The production specs may vary depending on the dough condition and characteristics.
Dough weight range is for standard machine.
Please contact Rheon office for other weight range machine.

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