Equipment introduction

V4-Triple Divider

■Weighing cut dough divider in one, two or three rows with no stress to the dough.

Dough sheet extruded continuously and divided in desired weight and length.


1,2 rows or 3 rows operation!

Operation views in different number of rows.

Forming Process

Weighing cut and feed back system with Rheon "Stress Free System" and "Gravimetric Method".

Can be fully automated with additional "Rounder" and "Molder".


Production Capacity 1000kg / H(Max.)

Dividing Range
1row :170-1400g
2rows :85-700g
3rows :60-450g
Cutting Frequency 630pcs. / H(Max.)
(3rows x 35rpm / min. x 60min)
Hopper Capacity 80LITERS

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