Equipment introduction

Double Solid Feeder for the KN550 and KN500

■High quality production of Moon Cakes with two yolks!

The new Double Solid Feeder produces high quality Moon Cakes with TWO yolks when combined to the Cornucopia KN500 or KN550.


The Double Solid Feeder eliminates the time consuming process of placing the yolk in the Moon Cake. This equipment produces consistent products with precise, accurate desired weight. The outer material remains even all around.

An ingenious design eliminates air between the casing and the filling.
Other options such as Conveyors, Stamper, Panning system, and Oven can also be attached to this equipment.
Please feel free to contact us anytime to built your original automated production system.
Cornucopia KN500,550 with Double Solid FeederCornucopia KN500,550 with Double Solid Feeder


Available solid sizeAvailable solid size

Production Capacity 24pcs./min.
Solid size(Max.) 36 dia.

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